Are your tanks full?

I had no idea what I was going to share with you today. Honestly, I have so much bouncing around in my head, and some of it is far from positive and productive. The last thing I want to do is share a post that takes away from your happiness or inspiration, so I thought about skipping it today. I thought, you know what? I don’t have to be perfect, I can skip a post, I can choose to sit here and stress out and fume over frustrations I have very little control over… and I could have. You may not have even noticed if I didn’t post this week, anyway! But instead, I got my booty off the couch, bundled up my little buddy, laced up my running shoes, and got outside and went for a jog. WHAT? Who am I?!

But that’s not even the best part. I decided to check out a new podcast from the walking group I’m in, and guess what it was about… filling up our tanks. Filling up our mental, emotional, and physical tanks. It was a cute, light-hearted, 30-minute reminder to keep all of those areas in our lives in check… and guess what? I listened as I did my hardest jog/walk intervals yet. And then I went back to the couch and sulked… NO! Of course I didn’t. I decided to keep walking! I added another .8 miles to the walk, and only turned back because the little dude was obviously over it and ready for lunch at that point. Then I sulked. NOT EVEN CLOSE! I ate a healthy lunch, drank a bunch of water, and asked my husband to put the baby down for his nap for me so that I could have an uninterrupted workout – I’m doing Beachbody’s MM100. I’m on workout 62/100 and I am determined to finish by Thanksgiving, along with finishing my Couch to 5K training, so that I can run the Turkey Trot with my husband. A goal we have had in the past but have not yet done together.

Then, I lit a lovely fall-scented candle, one with a picture of my grandmother holding my little guy, got out the vacuum, snapped on the wand – I swear I have only used it a few times this way, whoops! – and I vacuumed every nook and cranny in our living room and dining room, and even got under the couch cushions! Then I made up a lovely fresh-scented mop bucket and scrubbed the crap out of that entire area. I followed up with lighting some palo santo, leaving it to finish clearing the air for me as I now sit here with a lovely cup of Passion, Love and Joy tea, and write this message to you.

So why did I share a play by play of the last four hours of my day? Because a month ago I never would have gone out for a run when I’m having a rough day. I would not have prioritized fresh air, healthy food, an uplifting podcast. I wouldn’t have decided to fuel my body with more working out, or freshen up my home (and clear my mind) with a deep cleaning. It probably would have looked a lot more like this: venting to anyone who will listen, blasting some angry music (Anyone know ICP? That used to be my go-to.), eating something horrible for me, lying down because I just don’t have the energy to “life” today… but I didn’t do any of that, because I’ve been keeping my tanks full! YOU GUYS! I have found WONDERFUL resources to help inspire, motivate, and encourage me, and I’m going to share some of them with you now. I know what works for me won’t necessarily work for you, but give it a try! Find a new way to fill up your tanks. Surround yourselves with people who lift you up! Distance yourself from drama… sometimes you just need a minute (or 4 hours) to yourself, and that is OK!

Life Happens

You guys, a year ago yesterday my grandmother died. Three days before that, on my son’s 1st birthday photo shoot day, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with Prudence. We lost her 5 months ago today. If you check out my IG/FB you will see that we did a lovely walk in honor of her and all babies waiting for us in heaven on October 15th for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It was very nice, and I plan to do that again. Anniversaries of sad memories can rock us. Arguments with friends or family can send us to the wine rack (just me?). But maybe not every time. Maybe instead we can arm ourselves with healthy choices when life comes at us harder than we think we can handle, and maybe we come out even stronger and better than where we started.

Resources that are helping me…

The YouVersion Bible App has a permanent spot on my home screen. Read, watch, listen, and share… all for free.

My 99Walks goal is what got me outside today, and where I found the inspirational podcast. You set a walking goal, and get a bracelet with the positive focus at the end of every month you meet your goal… this month is Find the Beauty. Lovely, right? I just started it, but I love everything about this so far!

My Closet Outfit Planner and the Color Analysis test: Yes, this has actually helped me SO MUCH lately! I found Shari on IG while searching for ways to minimize my closet, and not only found simple and fun ways to do that, but I also found a community of supportive, positive, creative, and fun Christian women! I know, right? I love my new sisterhood. You can connect with my two new favorite resources and join in the community, too!

Other Ways to Fill Your Tanks

  • Learn a new language – I’m learning sign language along with my little dude using a baby sign app.
  • Take a bath or long hot shower – sometimes I do both in a day if I need to reset. I highly recommend adding a beautiful candle votive and bath salts like this pumpkin spice one (?!) or maybe you prefer a bath bomb.
  • Call a friend – a real friend. One who will encourage you, not dwell and sulk with you or tell you what you want to hear.
  • Have a cup of tea – I am loving having a fun variety of teas at home right now. I’m considering getting this beautiful tea display holder.
  • Do nothing. Yep. That’s it. Sometimes we need to slow down and do nothing.

6 thoughts on “Are your tanks full?

  1. Thanks for this post Ginger! What a good reminder to lean in on the hard days and connect with meaningful things and people in our homes and lives. I sure needed to hear it! Sending lots of extra love today on Prudence’s 5 month anniversary.


  2. Proud of you for pushing thru and taking that walk today. Which led to the others positive things you accomplished. Keep writing. Ill keep reading. ♡


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