Fall Closet Clean-out!

I’ve cleaned out my closet dozens of times. I’ve sworn each time it would be my last. I’ve done it all different ways… Hello, Mari Kondo! Does this spark joy? Way too many pieces did, in fact spark joy. I’ve also attempted to go through my closet based on how often I’d worn something. WasContinue reading “Fall Closet Clean-out!”

It’s been four months…

On the 19th of every month I plan to share our story of Prudence. Today, September 19th, marks four months since Prudence’s day of life. It’s been four months since I was induced unexpectedly and had Prudence a month and a few days early. In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago, and otherContinue reading “It’s been four months…”

What’s with all of the decluttering?

You may be wondering why I post a lot about decluttering, when you thought my blog was going to talk about my story. More specifically, my story about Prudence. My minimalism mission was magnified by Prudence, absolutely. When I felt like my entire life was spiraling out of my control, I could focus on myContinue reading “What’s with all of the decluttering?”